Bob Basques

Abstract: This presentation provides a lightning overview of the breadth of quality open source applications which are available for the full range of geospatial use cases, including storage, publishing, viewing, analysis and manipulation of data. The presentation is based upon documentation from OSGeo-Live, which is a self-contained DVD or USB thumb drive and Virtual Machine, based on Lubuntu. It includes over 50 of the best geospatial, open source applications, pre-configured with data, project overviews and quick-starts, translated into multiple languages.  Each workshop attendee will receive the USB thumb drive version which will allow the workshop participant to experiment with all 50 programs without needing to actually load them on a computer.  Simply pop the USB thumb drive into a USB port and follow the menu selections to take any of the programs for a test drive.

Bio: From work at the City of St. Paul, Minnesota, Bob has extensive experience with GIS web services and enterprise geospatial publishing projects. His efforts to date have focused on design and management of the data catalog for the City’s Compass mapping interface, which feeds the enterprise master spatial data set to desktop applications such as AutoCAD and ESRI based products as well as web based mapping applications such as Compass. The Compass application is built on the GeoMoose open source project software, of which Bob is a founding member. Bob has been involved in GIS related community projects for the last fifteen years. Prior to SharedGeo, he has served in a similar capacity commercially providing geospatial services to the U.S. Census Bureau for their LEHD web services and OnTheMap product. From this diverse “front line” experience, Bob has gained extensive knowledge in data publishing and distributed data maintenance issues and techniques – a point of view that results in functional and effective solutions to real world geospatial problems.

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