Jason Krueger, CP, GISP

Manager, Aerial Mapping
Ayres Associates

Matt Vinopal, CP, CMS-Lidar, GISP

Geospatial Project Supervisor 
Ayers Associates


Abstract: High density lidar from fixed-wing aircraft is proving to be an economical and expedient means of mapping highway corridors and urban geography. It is also leading to vertical accuracy that exceeds traditional methods of photogrammetric mapping and approaches similar capabilities of mobile lidar. We will share our unique experiences providing high density aerial lidar for departments of transportation and municipal engineering in the region, with highlights of its strengths and limitations. We will also offer our perspectives on where we see lidar technology heading and future regional applications on the near horizon.

Bio (Krueger): Jason Krueger has been with Ayres since 2007 and is the manager of Ayres' Aerial Mapping group in the Geospatial Division. Jason specializes in project design for transportation and municipal engineering applications. Jason serves as Ayres' project manager for Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Colorado DOT projects.

Bio (Vinopal): Matt Vinopal joined the multispecialty architectural/engineering firm Ayres Associates in 1999 and serves as supervisor of Geospatial Services. Matt’s responsibilities include LiDAR processing projects and stereo compilation of planimetric and topographic map features from aerial imagery. Matt has played an integral role in developing an outstanding LiDAR processing group at Ayres Associates and has led complex LiDAR missions for project areas around the country.

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Jason Krueger
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Matt Vinopal

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