Dan Ross

Bio: Dan serves as the State’s of Minnesota's Chief Geospatial Information Officer and Director of the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo). Dan sits on the Board of the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium, and is a member of the MetroGIS Coordinating Committee. Dan also serves as the current President-Elect and Past Treasurer for the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC).

Dan has been with the State for 22 years. Prior to MnGeo he was the Business Solutions Manager with the MN Department of Transportation. Dan has also served as the Northwest Region GIS Coordinator for the Department of Natural Resources and as the System Administrator for the College of Social Sciences and GIS Adjunct Professor at St. Cloud State University. Prior to his State service Dan owned and operated a private GIS company and was a GIS Technician working on parcel data for Stearns County.