Steve Richter

Abstract: For centuries, people have struggled mapping our round world onto a 2D flat map. Using a grid, we learned to assign a value to our location on the earth. As time passed and technology evolved, we should be using more than just a spherical grid to pinpoint our location. Modern GIS allows us to visualize data of many types and from many sources. It is important for users to understand the different methods being used to display their data on a map if they want their spatial data to be consistent and aligned. This session will provide a deeper understanding of what coordinate systems, projections and datums are, as well as how they work and how this applies to your data.

Bio: Steve Richter is Vice President of Frontier Precision Inc, a measurement solutions provider for the last 30 years. He has provided geodetic technology lectures throughout his 29 year career in this discipline.

Contact Info:

Mobile: 320-267-0758