Howard Butler

Abstract: Increasing capture pace of point cloud data, in the form of lidar, sonar, and processed imagery is driving processing of those data toward cloud computing environments. Cloud computing demands software that is easy to integrate and contains no licensing impediments. We will describe, discuss, and demonstrate PDAL, the Point Data Abstraction Library, which provides a toolbox of open source tools for translating, extracting, and exploiting point cloud data. We will demonstrate typical cloud-based processing scenarios for point cloud data including ground segmentation, denoising operations, and rasterization. An overview of PDAL’s capabilities and resources to get started will be provided.

Bio: Howard Butler is an open source software developer from Iowa City, IA, and his company, Hobu, Inc. specializes in software solutions for LiDAR and point cloud data management.

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1423 Aburdeen Court
Iowa City, IA 52246

Work: 515-966-4628
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