John Sullivan

Abstract: Continental Mapping will share its work in the development of HD Base Maps supporting the autonomous market through involvement in the Wisconsin Automated Vehicle Proving Grounds, University of Michigan MCity and more. We will define a standard for accuracy that meets industry needs, discuss data collection, the automated technologies utilized, and give examples of how big data systems are used to store, manipulate and process data and discuss automated methods for evaluating the quality of data. The presentation will show real examples of how data quality is measured, how the HD Base Map is applied in the autonomous industry and help conference attendees see how the data they build and use can be incorporated into the HD Base Map.

Bio: John Sullivan started his career working for a technology start-up in southern California and eventually transitioned into the transportation industry where he has spent most of his career. His continued interest in technology lead him into the mapping industry where he could work with light detection and ranging systems first hand. John has done mobile lidar acquisition related to transportation, fiber optic networks and autonomous vehicles. His focus is in applying technological approaches and systems to bring consistency, quality and savings to projects.

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