James Klassen, MS

Abstract: The elevation of surfaces across the Midwest changes every day. Snowpack, lake levels, new buildings, and plant growth highlight many features that are measured and mapped to some degree. However, change is not adequately mapped. Has a windstorm blown down a forest? How have the changing wetland water levels impacted waterfowl and wild rice production? Where are the new buildings?

This presentation will discuss the creation of a multi-sensor, multi-temporal surface model as part of a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative project to map and understand the dynamic landscape that impacts the Great Lakes.

Bio: Jim's childhood obsession with taking things apart to see how they worked morphed into a Physics and a Computer Engineering bachelors degrees and a M.S. in Natural Resource Science and Management from the University of Minnesota.  He currently works at SharedGeo, a geospatial non-profit in Minnesota.

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